Travel Games

•Someone starts a story with one word, then everyone takes a turn adding the next word until the story is finished.


• Each person chooses a color and then counts cars of that color. First person to reach 100 wins.


• Windmill game: Every time you see a windmill you call windmill. Person with the most windmills called wins. It’s super fun driving through Saskatchewan and Iowa because there are lots of wind farms.


• Geography game: Driver starts by saying a place. Then the passenger has to say a city, landmark, or body of water that starts with the last letter of the location the driver said. It continues through the vehicle. If you say a place someone has already said you are out. Game continues until everyone is out except one person.


• Abandoned building game: Every time you see an abandoned building, you make up a story about the people that used to live there. Can be a haunted or nice story (Our family usually makes it haunted, it’s more fun). Make up creative names for the characters. We usually use names like Chainsaw Charlie Buckshot Betty etc. Tell the story to the people in the vehicle. It ends up being super funny. If you see a building call it first to make up a story.


• Make eight columns on a piece of paper. Write a name of an object that you will see on your trip. Example: Bike, motorcycle, transport truck, cows, police cars. See how many of each thing you see on your trip.


• Make up a story full of phrases that begin with letters in everybody’s name. Going around in a circle, each person adds a phrase with words that start with letters in their name. Example: Pat might say “People always think…and then the next person continues the story by adding a phrase that uses their name to start each word.


• Try not to crack up while another person makes faces or does anything (except touch you) to make you laugh. Switch roles and then try to make the other person crack up.


• Find every number from 1 to 100 in order. Everyone participates. —SF☀