Big Fun - Little Cost

Skipping Rocks

• Find an open space on the shore with calm water.

• Find a small rounded flat rock.

• Place the rock between your thumb and index finger.

• Position your feet far apart, for good balance.

• Lean your rock throwing shoulder back, bring your arm back.

• Move your arm forward while twisting your rock (so it spins) with a flick - then let it gooooooo.

• Count the skips.

• Try to skip a few rocks at one time.

Make a Kite

• Cut two thin, sturdy, light, sticks - suggested 24” and 16”.

• Use string to weave/ secure the sticks into a cross design.

• Cut a piece of plastic or paper 4” beyond the size of the sticks.

• Fold the plastic/paper over the outside corners of the cross. Tape the paper/plastic to the four outside corners. Be sure to leave the center area untaped.

• Tie a long string to the center of the cross.

• Make a tail of cut paper or plastic and tape it to to the bottom of the kite.

• On a windy day, with your back to the wind, hold your kite in front of you. Release the kite as you slowly let the string out. You may need a friend to hold the kite. You may need walk or run with it. Have FUN and decorate the paper or plastic with a colorful design or add ribbons to the tail.

• Beware of obstacles and power lines.

You’ll need: Two sticks, scissor, string, tape, plastic or paper (grocery bags work great), ribbons.

Sand Candles

• Find a sandy beach, or purchase sand at the hardware store.

• Get the sand wet and form a small hole or design (star, shape, 3D).

• Cut a wick and tie it to a thin stick.

• Center the stick and wick in the hole.

• Melt wax in tin can(s) over a fire or double boiler on a stove.

• Pour melted wax into the hole.

• Remove when wax is hardened.

• Enjoy.

Save old candles or buy paraffin at the craft store. Use old crayons to make multi colored candles.

You’ll need: wick, tin can, heat source.

Pressed Flowers

• Gather clean flowers on a sunny day when they are not wet from rain or dew.

• Place the flower face down in a telephone booklined with parchment paper.

• Close the book, weigh it down, and leave undisturbed for seven to 10 days.